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Plan a Romantic Backyard Movie Date Night with Pixxie

Plan a Romantic Backyard Movie Date Night with Pixxie

Whether it’s your first or your five hundredth date together, a romantic night in the backyard watching a movie is the perfect way to pass the time. The best part is you don’t even have to rent expensive equipment or decor. Thanks to the Pixxie portable projector, along with the items you already have at home, transforming your backyard into a cosy movie cinema is easy!

If you’ve never planned an outdoor cinema experience before and don’t know where to start, that’s okay. We’ll walk you through each of the steps below to help you plan your most romantic date night yet!

  1. Plan Your Menu

First thing’s first; a romantic date night needs some delectable food that you’ll both enjoy. You can keep it simply with traditional movie snacks such as popcorn, lollies, and a choc top. Or, step up the sophistication with a grazing table, complete with cheese, olives, deli meats, crackers, and anything else that takes your fancy.

If you’re after something more substantial, then an assortment of finger food will do the trick. Think mini quiches, samosas, arancini, or spring rolls, for example.

Once the snacking has been taken care of, decide what you’ll sip on during the cinema experience. Again, you can keep it nostalgic and stick with soft drink or ice cream float, or follow on with your elegant evening by serving champagne.

  1. Add Soft Furnishings and Decor

Next up, you’ll want to ensure you and your date have somewhere luxuriously comfortable and cosy to sit and enjoy the movie. If your backyard is already decked out with outdoor furniture—like a two- or three-seater—then this will be easy. Simply drape the seating in throw rugs and extra cushions to turn up the comfort.

If you don’t already have some seating outdoors, then this won’t be a problem. Instead, look to your indoor seating options to determine what you can use. Do you have a mini lounge that can easily be carried outdoors? Or, perhaps you own some bean bags that would act as comfortable seating. If in doubt, a picnic blanket layered in large floor cushions or even bed pillows can serve as the perfect bohemian inspired setting.

  1. Choose Your Movie

Now it’s time for the all-important date night movie decision. Do you keep it traditional and stick with a romantic comedy, or opt for something a little left-of-centre (like a fantasy or action-packed thriller)? Ultimately, this will depend on what you and your date like to watch, so there are no wrong answers here!

If you don’t know what types of movies your date loves to watch, then put some feelers out beforehand. Ask them what their favourite movie or genre of movie is. Alternatively, you can ask them about the types of movies they really dislike, so you know what to avoid.

  1. Set Up Your Pixxie Outdoor Home Projector

The final step to planning a romantic backyard movie date night is to set up your cinema. Thanks to the Pixxie portable projector, this is quick and easy to do. Its lightweight body and easy-to-carry handle make transporting it indoors or outdoors a breeze. Set it up somewhere in your yard where it has clearance around it and isn’t subject to moisture.

It will also need to be pointing directly at your movie screen. You can project your movie onto any light-coloured flat surface, like an outdoor wall. Alternatively, you can drape a white bed sheet to form a screen or make a DIY standing projection screen instead.

Ensure you’ve pre-loaded your chosen movie or are connected to Wi-Fi so you can watch it via Pixxie. You’ll also want to make sure your Pixxie’s battery is charged and ready to go. If not, however, then don’t fret. You can simply plug your adapter into an electrical supply and press play.

For everything you need to know about setting up your Pixxie, check out our instruction manual.

Ready to create a romantic outdoor cinema experience? Take your next date night to new heights with the Pixxie portable projector. Check it out today to see just how amazing it is!

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