Our Story

Where it all began

Pixxie Means Magic

We believe that magic can be found everywhere, if you only look hard enough. Pixxie creates magical memories, a time where you can connect with the ones you love. They say "time waits for no one", we say "let’s make memories where time stands still, if only for a moment". Pixxie Pocket Projector is a portable mini cinema designed by a family for families. 

The Pixxie Portable Projector

Get Ready To Make Magical Memories

The Pixxie Story

Who are the creators behind Pixxie Projector?

We are adventurers, we are wanderers, we are a family, we are you.  Our mission is to connect, unite and inspire. We are driven by the desire to ensure that technology doesn’t divide us with screen time, but unites us to create magical memories that last a lifetime. Pixxie makes the impossible, possible. 

Pixxie Was Born

Made for Special Memories

From our Founder:

In 2014 while living in London I got a call no one wants to receive. My mum had been diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 breast and bone cancer. I packed up my life and moved home to spend every moment I could with her. Over the next few years, we would spend a lot of time in hospital, and we did what we do best, we watched movies. We could have paid for a TV in the ward, but it was expensive and didn’t have the best content, so we watched movies on her laptop.

One night while huddled on her bed she said to me, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have a movie night in the ward and everyone could have a bit of magic”, because to my mum movies were magic and spending time together was creating magical memories. That's when I thought there had to be a better way to watch the content we want anywhere. Whether you are at home inside or outside, on holidays, camping or in hospital.