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Portable Education with Pixxie

Portable Education with Pixxie

When you think of the Pixxie portable projector, your mind might be filled with all of the wonderful entertainment it can offer to viewers of all ages. However, did you know that Pixxie can also be used for educational purposes? It’s perfect for enhancing at-home learning, or even to transform any classroom lesson into an interactive and enthralling experience.

Here are ten of our favourite ways for using Pixxie for portable education!

Watch a Kid-Friendly TED Talk

TED Talks have become synonymous with rich learning experiences and incredible stories. The platform also has a number of kid-friendly presentations which are perfect for captivating and inspiring young minds.

By projecting these TED Talks onto the big screen, your child will instantly feel as though they’re right there in the audience.

Transform Your Bedtime Stories

Kids love having their favourite stories read to them. But what if you could bring those stories to life even more with animated visuals and a mesmerising soundtrack? Thanks to the wide range of animated bedtime stories available online or on platforms like YouTube, doing so is easy. Simply connect or stream them through your Pixxie to turn your child’s bedroom wall into their very own world of enchantment.

View the World at a Larger Scale

Looking at a world map in a book or on a laptop screen just doesn’t do it justice. Kids will love seeing the globe projected onto a large screen or surface, however, especially when they can interact with it. When you use Google Earth and Google Maps in combination with Pixxie, you suddenly bring the world into their very own living room, bedroom, or backyard.

Plan a DIY Art Class

Help your child get in touch with their inner artist by running an at-home art class. All you need is your handy Pixxie projector and a blank surface or white sheet to act as a screen. Then, you can simply project a step-by-step art lesson for your child to follow along. Or, why not project an image of a famous artwork and encourage your child to create their own version of it? The creativity is endless!

Get Creative in the Kitchen

You can also use your portable home cinema to set up a culinary school in your own kitchen! Search for a video tutorial of a kid-friendly recipe, then ensure you have each of the ingredients and materials on-hand. Simply project the cooking class onto an easily visible surface from your kitchen, then help your little one get to work. It’s a fun, engaging, and tasty way to learn!

Host an Interactive Quiz

The Pixxie portable projector is also useful for making educational quizzes or trivia sessions more fun. When you use a platform such as Kahoot to create a quiz and project it onto a large screen, it allows everyone to get in on the action. A smart phone or iPad can be used to take part in the quiz, and children will love the rich visuals and competitive nature of this activity.

Do a Step-by-Step Craft Project

If your child would prefer craft over cooking, then a mini projector can also help you run a step-by-step craft class. You won’t have to look far to find a kid-friendly craft activity that’s easy for them to follow via video. Then, simply stream it through your Pixxie so your child feels as though the instructor is almost standing in front of them!

Stream a Documentary or Educational Series

Of course, we can’t forget just how simple it is to stream an educational documentary or series through a pocket home cinema. Pixxie is preloaded with Disney+, Netflix, AmazonPrime, YouTube, Spotify, KODI and more, making it easy to find and stream your child’s favourite programs. It turns TV time into an educational home cinema experience, which not only keeps them entertained, but learning too.

Learn About Space While Under the Stars

What could be more fun than learning about our vast solar system while laying under the stars? Thanks to Pixxie’s lightweight and portable nature, it’s easy to transform any backyard setup into an outdoor home cinema. Prepare the popcorn and don’t forget to put out some comfy blankets and cushions for a true cinema experience.

Look for the “Space and Exploration” collection on Disney+ or search Netflix for some suitable options.

Want to take your child’s education to all-new heights? Check out the Pixxie portable projector to see why it’s the perfect addition to at-home learning.

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