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Portable Projector Birthday Party Ideas

Portable Projector Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a party can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be! With a portable projector like Pixxie, you can instantly elevate any birthday party into one that guests will remember for years to come.

Here are our favourite portable projector birthday party ideas to inspire your next soiree!

Portable Home Cinema

As the weather begins to heat up and the days become longer, it marks the perfect time of year for an outdoor cinema party. This versatile party idea is perfect for all ages, as kids and adults alike love watching their favourite movies under the stars. You can even use the chosen movie as the theme for your birthday party!

Just some of the most popular selections include Disney favourites such as Frozen, the Lion King, or Toy Story, as well as cult classics for adults like Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The best part about a portable home cinema set up is that you can easily take the movie experience indoors if the weather is less-than-ideal. A Pixxie projector, for example, is lightweight, compact, and takes just seconds to set up.

Music Video Dance Party

If you’re after a birthday party that’s high in energy, then you can also use your portable projector to create a dance party vibe. Simply project your most-loved music videos and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve been transported into a club—minus the annoying crowds and cover charge, of course.

To get your guests in on the action, be sure to ask them to each choose a few songs to be added to your dancing party playlist. Then, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

Again, this birthday party idea is ideal for both an indoor and outdoor setting, so it allows you to be flexible with the weather conditions.

Party Games

It doesn’t matter what age you are, but a party just isn’t complete without a few fun games. Thankfully, a portable projector helps you take this to a whole new level, as there’s nothing like a big screen to get every guest involved.

Why not create a birthday trivia using Kahoot and project the questions and answers so all can see? Guests can simply use their smart phone to take part in the quiz, and the winner can receive a fun prize.

Other ideas include using the projector to play charades, or even using your game console in combination with the projector so you can stream a gaming tournament. Trust us, the options are endless!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Photo slideshows are a popular addition to parties, and a portable projector and screen setup makes this presentation a whole lot easier. Set it up where guests can have a great view of it and get ready to take a fun walk down memory lane!

These photo slideshows are a great way to add a personal touch to any birthday party, and people of all ages love reliving some of their favourite memories with their most cherished friends and family. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy looking back on those bad haircuts, questionable outfit choices, or drunken rendezvous without having a laugh?

Karaoke Party

If there’s one way to get the party started, it’s with a belting rendition of “Dancing Queen”. Karaoke is a fun and often hilarious addition to a party, yet renting a dedicated karaoke machine can be expensive. Thankfully, all you need is a portable projector preloaded with YouTube, as well as a screen setup, and you’re good to go! Microphones are optional, of course, as guests generally love to join in either way.

Plan a list of your favourite karaoke songs beforehand, then create a YouTube playlist of videos that feature their lyrics so everyone can join in.

Fun Photobooth Backdrop

Create memories you’ll cherish by ensuring you get photos with your guests—complete with a fun photobooth backdrop, of course! Just like karaoke machines, however, a rented photobooth backdrop can be costly, so why not use your portable projector to create your own?

Simply choose a still image and cast this to your projector. You’ll instantly have a large photo backdrop that’s ready to take some fun photos in front of. You can even utilise the projector to create arty photos filled with various shaped silhouettes or patterns. Your creativity is endless!

Want to elevate your next birthday party? Check out the Pixxie portable projector to see just how amazing it is!

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